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You might think I am crazy, but I love going on vacations where I leave my family at home. While out there I hit up red light districts around the world fucking some pretty amazing sluts. To pull this all off I have kind of had to live a double life. My wife and family think I make $60,000 a year, plus a bonus or two if I travel for my company. What they don’t know is that I actually make about $100,000 a year and I spend the extra money on these “work trips” I take to places like Jamaica, Barbados, The Netherlands, The Bahamas and other places where I can find exotic women to fuck in VIP rooms.

I am not going to tell you how to live your life, but I will say that my life is pretty fucking awesome.

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Tejbs just can’t wait to get a sexy hooker on the end of his cock, this dude is from Sweden and he sure seems keen for some pussy. A buddy of his shows him around the red light part of Amsterdam, now I knew he was wanting some pussy, but hell he goes for the first whore he sees. Lucky for him she was pretty cute, and those hot big tits of hers looked pretty fucking awesome as well. Now his dick is going to get some juicy pussy!

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In Amsterdam even the nerds are able to get some action from these cute whores. Sure they have to pay for it, but when you get to fuck a gorgeous hooker, who really cares? This dudes got pimples all over his face, and is even wearing glasses, but like I said he still scored a sexy babe to fuck. She is just inviting him inside now, and it won’t take her long to get him naked and have some fun with his cock.

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