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London vacationers now have options with escorts!

London vacation DTF

Going on a vacation to Europe? Don’t forget to treat yourself to one of London’s best kept secrets: layover escorts!

On my latest trip to Denmark I had to pass through London’s Heathrow Airport. I had several choices on layover times. I could stick around for two hours or as much as ten hours. That got me thinking! What would I do for ten hours in an airport? Hmmm…

After looking up rent escorts in London in Google I found Rentalic.com, a low fares London escort agency with some pretty sexy girls. I set up a date with one of them and booked a room at a discount hotel near the airport. We hit it off and she made me feel like I was the King of England. Plus she was so cheap I got her for two hours and then got another one for my last hour before returning to the airport to finish my flight to Denmark. Lets just say it was the best vacation I ever had and I technically hadn’t even arrived to start my vacation (in Denmark) yet!